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releases 2000:

december '00:
Tim Brooks
& The Alien Sharecroppers
See Rock City
Nuno Mindelis Blues on the Outside
Mr. Hyde Mr. Hyde

october '00:
John York Sacred Path Songs
David West & The Dead Strings Cast Your Eyes to the Mountain
Pickin' on the Grateful Dead Vol. 2

september '00:
Kevin Jones Nobody's Father

august '00:
Delta Roux Bad Wind Blowin'
V.A. - Light & Breezy Cool Sounds for a Hot Summer

july '00:
Chris Darrow A Southern California Drive
Corky Carroll A Surfer for President

june '00:
Mary Murphy Always a Flame

may '00:
Bugs Henderson
& The Shuffle Kings
Call of the Wild - Live at the "Meisenfrei"

april '00:
The Hoax Live Forever
Jon Pousette-Dart I'm the Man for You
Richard Brown After Dark

march '00::
Sam Mitchell Resonating Moon
Bleu Jackson Feel That Thrill

february '00:
Cole Tate Band Junkyard Moon

january '00:
Taylor Barton Skinny Kat

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