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A Surfer for President

catalog-no. tx 2054
rock - 2000

Corky Carroll + Chris Darrow at the BeachIt was none other than the late great poster artist Rick Griffin, who introduced the musically interested Corky Carroll and the ambitious surfing novice Chris Darrow to each other. As fate would have it, both had moved to live in the same street in San Clemente. The surf of the pacific was just an earshot away and can be heard on A SURFER FOR PRESIDENT, in fact. A mutual friendship developed pretty soon, with one learning from the other in music and surfing respectively and Corky Carroll turning into a more confident singer and player. Darrow, of course, became an excellent surfer and the friendship has remained intact up until today.

Like always, a recording project of Chris Darrow's features a small circle of friends. This time co-produced by Denny Bruce (Leo Kottke, Fabulous Thunderbirds), the recording sessions for A SURFER FOR PRESIDENT again brought together the likes of Jerry Waller (piano), Chester Crill aka Max Buda (harp, violin), Cheryl Carroll (vocals), John Russell (drums) and some additional sidemen and female vocalists. But the focal points were Corky Carroll (lead vocals, guitar, organ, lap steel) and Chris Darrow (guitar, bass, steel guitar, organ, vocals). The musical result was pretty hip a kind of strange but typical surf rock revival mix of pop, rock, rockabilly and garage rock. It was also pretty camp and irreverent, prompting retro guru Kim Fowley to hail it as one of his favorite albums of all time. This kind of praise coming from the superhip Fowley increased the album's cult potential instantly. Next to the "King of the Surf Guitar", Dick Dale, Corky Carroll became somewhat of a figurehead of the surf rock revival. But not only this, he was considered as the living embodiment of the surfer's ethic which recognises the surfer as an alternative hero, whose lifestyle centers around a special kind of individualism and extreme personal freedom.

So we at TAXIM are very excited to present another long lost desert island classic. A SURFER FOR PRESIDENT is an obscure but timeless record of the surf rock revival era. The new and digitally remastered edition features updated liner notes from Corky Carroll and Chris Darrow and adds five of Carroll's more recent recordings from 1998. Yes, he's still at it...

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