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Chris Darrow
A Southern California Drive

catalog-no. tx 2055
rock - 2000

Today the name Chris Darrow stands for much more than just the cult aspects of 60s California rock history with his tenure in Kaleidoscocpe and the early Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Darrow has also delivered some pioneering works of singer-songwriter music (like his early 70s albums for United Artists) and some very ambitious concept albums (the masterworks COYOTE/STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART and HAREM GIRL). Above all though, he is first and foremost a musical artist (and a renowned photographer) who is inspired by his Californian identity in an almost exemplary kind of way. In the case of A SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DRIVE this means: summer, good times and a cruise along the coastal highway.

Far from being today's popular éminence grise within the Claremont Inland Empire clique of musiians and artists, Chris Darrow had lived in San Clemente by the time the album was recorded, enjoying the beach life and the closeness of the ocean. This lifestyle was dominated by an easygoing attitude and inspired songs like the uplifting cruise classic "A Southern California Drive", the charming duet "The Power of Love", the quirky Chuck Berry cover "We Two" or Earl Shackleford's fast rocker "Stateline". Originally released in Italy, there has not been a US release for this gem until today. A lost treasure of timeless charm – resurfacing now digitally remastered with updated liner notes and the original artwork. Don't miss it again.

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