The Urn
The Urn

catalog-no. dr 0001
rock - 1998

track listing

Make My Day (99K)
Cry Myself to Sleep (92K)
Sister Morphine (93K)

The Dutch rock band The Urn, formed by bandleader and singer/guitarist Rini van Willigen in 1993, is currently the coolest thing on the Benelux bar and club circuit. Influenced by British rock legends Led Zepellin, Jack Bruce, Streetwalkers and Black Sabbath the band with its unique blues-rock slide quitar sound and haunting vocals is building an impressive bridge to the North American heavy rock and southern rock circuit of greats like Gov't Mule, Four Horsemen, Tragically Hip, Jon Butcher and Tito Tarantula.
Before he started The Urn, Rini van Willigen had played with various well-known blues and r & b bands in Holland. With former Golden Earring Eelco Gelling he had established Blues Experience and had also worked with Jan Akkerman for a while. With Tip On In he performed at prestigious festivals all over Europe, sharing the bill with bands like The Fabulous Thunderbirds.
Being tired of the narrowminded vision of many in the genre, Rini decided to form a new band to do what he likes best: to rock! In outstanding slide guitar wizard Willem van der Wall, bass player Nico de Vos, and drummer Ivo Boon he found musicians that were willing to explore with him the dangerous, but fascinating borderland of song-oriented heavy rock, power blues and southern rock. The Urn succeeded in a fulminant way.
It is therefore no surprise that their album debut ranks among the top selling items of that genre in their home territory. And their next step is to target Europe.

"...a new and exciting band from the Netherlands..."


track listing

  1. Make My Day (Marinus van Willigen) 04:56
  2. Cry Myself to Sleep (Marinus van Willigen) 06:13
  3. Eyes on the Road (Marinus van Willigen) 04:32
  4. Near the Urn (Marinus van Willigen) 04:10
  5. I Thought I Had a Flush (Marinus van Willigen) 03:32
  6. Drunken Man (Marinus van Willigen) 06:24
  7. Born Leo (Marinus van Willigen) 02:43
  8. People Killing People (Marinus van Willigen) 05:34
  9. Sister Morphine (M. Jagger/K. Richards/M. Faithfull) 05:54
  10. Ordinary Blues (Marinus van Willigen) 03:41
  11. No Not Now (Marinus van Willigen) 06:15
  12. The Monster (Marinus van Willigen) 06:32

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