The Urn
Smithfield Bargain

catalog-no. dr 0002
rock - 1999

track listing

Still on the road (90K)
You will fight (66K)
Crossroads (64K)

"It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that CRUNCH..." This could be the – slightly modified – motto for the music of Holland's famous rockers, The Urn who now finally present their second album Smithfield Bargain on DARK REIGN. But there's more to this band than down-to-earth heavy rock. Stylistic diversity is the most striking quality of The Urn's sound. The band hails from Rotterdam and founding members Rini van Willigen (vocals, guitar) and gooseflesh-inducing slide player Willem van der Wall are the key players.
What they have achieved is a combined passion and intensity of British rock legends like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Cream and early Fleetwood Mac with the competence of contemporary US Southern rockers Gov't Mule and The Black Crowes. Besides their electric side they also have created acoustic nuggets in the Southern slide ballad vein, not dissimilar to some of Eric Clapton's 461 Ocean Boulevard work in the mid-Seventies. But everything is of one piece in the end and The Urn are a class act in every rock genre. Moreover, they are a living proof of the great love that Dutch rockers still have for Anglo-American rock history. Following domestic legends Golden Earring, Living Blues or Cuby & the Blizzards, here's finally a band that is heir to this great national rock tradition and a rock band of international standard.
Here are just some of the of The Urn's strengths: great songwriting, an immense variety of vocal skills from dramatic stuff ŕ la Jack Bruce to mysterious spoken vocals ŕ la Robbie Robertson or Shawn Mullins; and last but not least, the great interplay of frontmen Rini van Willigen, Willem van der Wall, Nico de Vos (bass) and new member Kees van Krugten (drums). The latter should be nicknamed "Bonzo", due to the awesome power of his playing reminding of the late Led Zep-drummeister John Bonham.
"Still on the road – still on the move to do it again." Rini van Willigen sings in one of his new songs. The Urn are very much alive - a fact that can not be overheard on Smithfield Bargain, maybe the best classic hard rock album from the contemporary Dutch scene. Get ready for 12 new originals and a great cover of "Crossroads". The Urn as keepers of the flame? Yes, indeed, and more!!


track listing

  1. René (Marinus van Willigen) 4:59
  2. Still on the road (Marinus van Willigen) 4:59
  3. You will fight (Marinus van Willigen) 4:10
  4. Big Talk (Marinus van Willigen) 5:10
  5. Smithfield Bargain (Marinus van Willigen) 5:55
  6. Let's make love (Marinus van Willigen) 3:19
  7. Feelings (Marinus van Willigen) 5:22
  8. Crossroads (S. White) 6:06
  9. Send it away (Marinus van Willigen) 3:56
  10. Giant Roller Coaster (Marinus van Willigen) 5:18
  11. Bus 54 (Marinus van Willigen) 3:40
  12. Follow me (Marinus van Willigen) 3:48
  13. Home recording (Marinus van Willigen)

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