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Billy C. Farlow & Bleu Jackson
Blue Highway

catalog-no. tx 1016
blues - 1995


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  • My Train Has Come and Gone (Farlow) 2:53
  • Magnolia Bend (Farlow) 5:40
  • Butler Bridge (Jackson/Knight) 4:32
  • Sunny Land (Jackson) 8:17
  • Get Down and Roll (Jackson) 4:14
  • It's Gonna Rain (Farlow) 4:41
  • Dark as Midnight (Farlow) 4:21
  • Blue Highway (Farlow) 6:35
  • Don't Cry to Me (Jackson/Knight) 4:45
  • Jockey on My Back (Jackson) 3:34
  • Don't Mess with Me Baby (Jackson/Brandon/James) 4:12
  • That's My Gal (Farlow) 3:33

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    Billy C. Farlow & Bleu Jackson

    A dose of mostly “unplugged“ Mississippi Delta blues from two white bluesmen: Billy C. Farlow, former frontman for Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, and singer/guitar-player Bleu Jackson have fashioned a well-rounded mix of down-to-earth blues that will stand the test of time. Delta blues for anybody with southern tastes.

    “ Very authentic, with lots of feeling and intensity ... a first-class TAXIM release, not only for lovers of traditional blues. “

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