Mick Clarke Band
Roll Again

catalog-no. tx 1017
blues - 1995

track listing

The most recent TAXIM album by Mick Clarke provides more timeless rock and boogie. He again concentrates on the hard stuff but also continues his series of intense blues instrumentals in the Roy Buchanan vein. Keyboard support is provided by ex-Rory Gallagher sideman Lou Martin.

“ Powerful blues-rock that surely belongs among the Englishman's best work. “
“ No question about it: comparisons with Thorogood or Healey would surely end in a draw. “


track listing

  1. Loosen Up (Mick Clarke) 3:21
  2. Journey (Mick Clarke) 4:36
  3. Blue-Eyed Blues (Mick Clarke) 3:43
  4. Mother Earth (Chatman) 6:11
  5. Limousine (Mick Clarke) 3:38
  6. Shake it on Down (Mick Clarke) 2:33
  7. One Horse Town (Mick Clarke) 5:21
  8. Roll Again (Mick Clarke) 4:15
  9. All My Love (Mick Clarke) 3:24
  10. Gypsy Blues (Mick Clarke) 4:49
  11. Down in the Bottom (Willie Dixon) 4:00
  12. Stompin' (Mick Clarke) 3:18

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