The Big Five-O
Texas Tone

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blues - 2001

Blast Off (67K)
Headlights (101K)
This Little Voice (67K)

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To those who ever wondered what happened to the "roll" in rock'n'roll: rest assured, it's still alive in bands like THE BIG FIVE-O. This rocking trio from the Netherlands are keeping the spirit of blues-infected 50s rock and roll alive and kicking. To be honest, we the folks at Taxim are having a lot of fun presen-ting their brand-new album TEXAS TONE to the world! It's the Dutch band's debut album and serves as a reminder that after all is said and done, rock music is meant to be fun - much fun, to be precise.
But seriously, there is a lot of variety on this album recorded by a trio of self-assured r'n'r veterans and self-appointed "regular Joes". None of them is a freshman to this business of music - they like to think of themselves as "The Comeback Kids", in fact - but their enthusiasm has not been diminished by time. They are: Ruud Van Ingen (piano, vocals), Willem van Dullemen (guitars, vocals) and Bert Post (drums). In the past, their names have been associated with Dutch bands such as the Hoochie Coochie Men, Jinx, Dynamites, Tip On In, Groovetones and Maybe It's The Blues. This is a Holland goes USA experience for sure - these people love American music!!
THE BIG FIVE-O are, to quote the renowned Dutch blues magazine "Block", "diving deep in blues history" on TEXAS TONE, turning classics like "Stagger Lee" or "Frankie and Johnny" inside out. Ruud van Ingen's playing is all over the place in a very appropriate kind of way - from 40s Swing Blues to 50s rock and roll and boogie. Willem van Dullemen's guitar sounds are infused with lots of stateside spices from a good twang to deep Mississippi or Texas blues stylings. And Bert Post is one of these drummer boys who basically can't stop swinging.
Just think about it - old style blues'n'roll has been making comebacks on a regular basis, from early Rolling Stones to Link Wray, from the Stray Cats (w/Brian Setzer), the Blasters and Leroi Brothers to today's Paladins. THE BIG FIVE-O fit right in with these artists in one way or another. Apparently, there will always be an audience of seriously good-natured and fun-loving people who appreciate the joyful noises of a band that kicks ass in the classic rock and roll sense. THE BIG FIVE-O belong to these crowds. Here is a band that doesn't even need a bass player to make a good and swinging rock'n'roll statement, for Chrissakes.
TEXAS TONE delivers boogie instrumentals with a swing-era feel and even a touch of surf, twisted variations on the blues from the Lone Star State, smooth and jazzy music with brushes, some rare and wonderful resurrections of Sticks McGhee, Don Ray Coates, Jimmy Bryant and Cripple Clarence Lofton - you get the idea... On one track there's even a bass and vibes, believe it or not! But what's most important - this is real music by REAL PEOPLE who can really play. And they happen to call themselves THE BIG FIVE-O for a good reason. And you know what? They all had a REAL GOOD TIME making this one!


The Big-Five-O sind:

  • Ruud van Ingen - piano, vocals
  • Willem can Dullemen- guitars, vocals
  • Bert Post - drums

    track listing

    1. Blast Off (Willem van Dullemen) 3:28
    2. Frankie & Johnny (Trad. arr. The Big Five-O) 6:47
    3. Headlights (Willem van Dullemen) 4:32
    4. Tell That Woman (Willie Dixon) 3:43
    5. This Little Voice (Corthens) 4:12
    6. Cheatin' (Ruud van Ingen) 4:28
    7. Staggerlee (Trad. arr. The Big Five-O) 3:21
    8. Texas Tone (Willem van Dullemen) 4:58
    9. Sleep-In Job (Sticks McGhee) 2:58
    10. Crazy Blues (Don Ray Coates) 5:46
    11. Gone Boogie (Ruud van Ingen) 6:12

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