Bugs Henderson - Legendary Jams
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Bugs Henderson
Legendary Jams
1976 - 1980

catalog-no. tx 1035
blues - 1997


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  • Boogie on Down (Freddie King) 8:45
  • Green Onions (Cropper-Jackson/Jr.-Jones-Steinberg) 12:03
  • Talk to Your Daughter (J. B. Lenoir) 7:11
  • It's My Own Fault, Baby (R. King/J. Taub) 8:53
  • Don't Want No Woman (Henderson/Nugent) 12:12
  • Bluetex (Henderson/Nugent) 17:11
  • Stranglehold (Nugent) 4:13
  • Audio Liner Notes (Bugs Henderson)
  • 4:02
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    Bugs Henderson

    featuring: Roy Buchanan - Freddie King - Ted Nugent - Johnny Winter

    His fifth Taxim release is something special indeed. These exclusive recordings from the man's private archives document some of his stage encounters with true guitar legends. Not a festival for sound aficionados because of the spontaneous nature of the recordings, but the sheer musical quality justifies their release anyhow.

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