Bleu Jackson
Tennessee Tango

catalog-no. tx 1036
blues - 1997

track listing

Biker bars, blues clubs, supper clubs, coffee houses... Bleu Jackson is a bluesman who feels very much at home in these places. Although he leads a secluded kind of life way up in the Appalachians, every time he chooses to turn up on stage, or gets together with mentor Homesick James or Alabama pal Billy C. Farlow, Bleu Jackson is on the scene. His songs are fuelled by a deep blues feeling. This opinion is shared by roots music greats such as Johnny Winter, Sonny Burgess, Sam Lay and Earl Gaines - they all chose to cover his songs. But Bleu Jackson can compete with all of them, there's no doubt about it. "Tennessee Tango" is his latest effort, mostly electric, sometimes acoustic - always electrifying.
Bleu Jackson likes to keep out of sight from time to time, even if the mainstream music business is looking for instantly marketable, media-compatible nice guys without any rough edges. Bleu has got more than enough of those, all earned in 25 intense years of singing the blues. Following "Gone This Time" (TX 1005), "Blue Highway" (TX1016) and his now classic contributions to the "Good Whiskey Blues" series, "Tennessee Tango" is his fourth album for TAXIM and features great vocals, guitars, bass and drums - still a timeless recipe for a good mix of Southern blues and R & B. Produced by Fred James.


track listing

  1. Blackmailed by the Blues (Jeff Tanguay/Bleu Jackson) 03:20
  2. Some Never Learn (Jeff Tanguay/Bleu Jackson) 05:09
  3. Killing Cold (Fred James/Bleu Jackson) 03:28
  4. Ms. Snake (Jeff Tanguay/Bleu Jackson) 04:08
  5. Young Girl (Jeff Tanguay/Bleu Jackson) 03:13
  6. We’ve been Told (Trad./arr. Bleu Jackson) 03:25
  7. The Sword (Fred James) 04:23
  8. Indigo (Fred James/Bleu Jackson) 03:59
  9. Rocket Ride (Jeff Tanguay/Bleu Jackson) 03:41
  10. Tennessee Tango (Bleu Jackson/Bob Knight) 03:13
  11. Blues Pusherman (Bleu Jackson) 04:01
  12. Barfly (Bleu Jackson/Fred James) 03:46
  13. My Money’s Funny (Jeff Tanguay/Bleu Jackson) 03:14
  14. Shakey Jake (Bleu Jackson) 03:01

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