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Bugs Henderson Group

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blues - 1998


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  • Quicksand (Bugs Henderson) 4:34
  • Ain't Your Daddy's Business (Bugs Henderson) 3:41
  • Can't Stand You (Bugs Henderson) 4:23
  • Love Junkie (Bugs Henderson) 4:05
  • Thief in the Night (Bugs Henderson) 3:50
  • Backbop (Bugs Henderson) 3:56
  • Help Me (Bugs Henderson) 3:22
  • Rock and Roll Man (Bugs Henderson) 3:19
  • Audio Liner Notes/Return of the Dream (Bugs Henderson) 1:58

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    Bugs Henderson

    "The Godfather of Texas blues rock"/"The Daredevil of the red guitar". Very seldom has a white North American blues musician received such a respect and acknowledgement as Texas veteran Bugs Henderson. Musically, Henderson made his first steps into the business in the late 50's and early 60's by learning from and listening to Texas legends The Nightcaps, Mance Lipscomb, Lowell Fulson, and T-Bone Walker. In the mid 60's he helped out a lot of young guys in Dallas to get their studio thing done like punksters Mouse & the Traps and John Nitzinger. It didn't take long that the music world of the Big State noticed that a talented white musician of high versatility named Bugs Henderson had entered the scene and could be a cult figure soon.

    After endless years in the studio and on the road as a backup musician for all types of artists and musical styles, Bugs formed his own band in the mid-seventies, The Bugs Henderson Group. The by now legendary trio consisted of Henderson, bassist Bobby Chitwood and drummer Ron Thompson. Most of the time they worked as Freddie King's backup band, but also stepped out on their own. The response was overwhelming, and there were times when top stars like Eric Clapton, Roy Buchanan or Albert King refused to go on stage when Henderson & Co. had "warmed-up" the crowd! It was too hot outside!

    The live recording "At Last" marked the album debut of the Bugs Henderson Group in 1978, followed by "Still Flyin'" in 1981. In 1982 they recorded an epochal album that was never released due to internal conflicts about the orientation in style. "Backbop", as it was named, clearly reflects the power and energy of the early 80's with its main emphasis on blues and rock. Now, available for the first time everywhere, it still sounds fresh and up-to-date.
    The rest is history. Bugs went on to become a main ideal for people like Johnny Winter, Jimmie & Stevie Ray Vaughan, Anson Funderburgh, Chris Duarte a.o., and Guitar Player magazine put it right when they stated: "The man's a national treasure. To hear Bugs Henderson play live is to hear the history of American electric guitar performed with love, balls and a lot of wacky humour".

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