Alex Parche Band
Get Down to Business

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blues - 1999

track listing

Nightmare (77K)
Do You Really Know How Bad I Am (87K)
Eight Bars (86K)

Considered by many as one of the leading German blues-rock outfits, Cologne's own Alex Parche and his band rank as a fundamental cornerstone of the German music scene since the late 70's. Guitarist, composer, producer Alex Parche has earned his reputation as a founding member of Cologne's cult duo, Dick & Alex, and as a guitarist for the Zeltingerband, a well-known power-rock unit all over Europe.
Despite his success as a rock musician, Parche's true love belongs to the blues, and you can hear his devotion in every note he plays. That's why the Alex Parche Band is at its best when playing a crossover mix of big city blues and highly aggressive mainstream rock reflecting the spirit of times in perfection. In the 60's you would have simply named it "Rhythm 'N' Blues", personified by artists like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Free a.o. "Get Down to Business" is not a simple attempt to do some kind of retro job on well-known blues/rock cliche, but a power-charged rhythm 'n' rock journey that is ready for the next millennium.
Besides the many gigs Alex Parche and his compadres played in recent years and the many legends they shared the stage with, the opening for B.B. King during his 1998 tour of Germany and the engagement at the prestigious Pop Komm festival in 1998 remained highlights.


track listing

  1. Nightmare (Parche/Parks) 4:23
  2. Do You Really Know How Bad I Am? (Parche/Parks) 3:33
  3. Get Down to Business (Parche/Parks) 5:07
  4. M & O Blues (Willie Brown) 3:49
  5. Cool Running Man (Parche/Parks) 4:03
  6. Love My Stuff (Charlie Patton, arr. Parche/Parks) 3:54
  7. Eight Bars (Parche/Parks) 3:17
  8. Run for Cover (Parche/Parks) 4:17
  9. Snakes (Parche/Parks) 3:29
  10. Low Down Woman (Parche/Parks) 4:31
  11. Mississippi Blues (Willie Brown) 3:31
  12. Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson) 3:21
  13. Sweet Home Chicago (Reprise) (Robert Johnson) 0:48
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