Go Blue
Go Blue

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blues - 1999

track listing

Hey, Little Girl (70)
You Ask For It, Mama (79K)
Goin' Down To The River (112K)

To find an individual vision of the blues that succeeds artistically is a rare thing at a time, where many blues artists are content to just reproduce the tradition. Cologne bluesman Richard Bargel has developed such a vision. Initiating and organizing Germany's popular music talkshow Talkin' Blues as well as the German Blues Award not only provided him with many contacts, he is also a veteran on the international blues scene for some 30 years, having worked with legends like Champion Jack Dupree, Charlie Musselwhite and Big Jay McNeely. Richard Bargel knows how to avoid a blues cliche.
GO BLUE is the actual proof of this statement, a CD project that premieres the collaboration between Richard Bargel's vocals and guitar with the percussion skills of Cologne's Klaus Mages. Mages, a graduate from Cologne's famous Musikhochschule and a percussion journeyman par excellence feels home in most every drum world of this planet. Also interested in literature, dance and the fine arts, artistic openness is Klaus Mages' credo.
GO BLUE is a muscial concept that was invented in 1995, when the Bargel & Mages met the late anthropologist, sexologist, author and jazz musician Ernest Borneman. Together they presented their collaboration for a broadcast on public TV, an event which has lingered on in the musicians' minds. The concept was to combine original lyrics, deep blues roots, funky ethno grooves and improvisation. So, GO BLUE on the one hand started to formulate the spartan duo sound of just voice/guitar/percussion. On the other they added a well thought out band sound when needed. Richard Bargel's deep blues voice (reminiscent of Dr. John), his diverse selection of open guitar tunings together with the exotic worldbeat percussion sounds of Klaus Mages, a funky bass line and a genuine blues feeling are some of the main ingredients of the GO BLUE recipe. And it works - Go Blue's dynamic songs spread the thick atmosphere of a blues world that incorporates the berimbau, udu or cajon. An individual vision of the blues invented by two real aces, supported here by Fritz Roppel (bass), Martin Kübert (keys) and Yannick Monot (accordion). Discover GO BLUE an inspired original blues vision between tradition and innovation.


track listing

  1. Hey, Little Girl (Richard Bargel/Klaus Mages) 3:35
  2. You Ask For It, Mama (Richard Bargel/Klaus Mages) 4:04
  3. Goin' Down To The River (Richard Bargel/Klaus Mages) 6:27
  4. Sittin' On My Front Porch (Richard Bargel/Klaus Mages) 2:59
  5. Hell Is For Cheap (Richard Bargel/Klaus Mages) 4:05
  6. Don't Remember A Damn' Thing (Richard Bargel/Klaus Mages) 3:40
  7. Let Me Be Your Jockey (Richard Bargel/Klaus Mages) 4:35
  8. Fat'n Lean (Richard Bargel/Klaus Mages) 3:33
  9. Swamp Stomp 2.25 (Richard Bargel/Klaus Mages) 2:25
  10. When The Days Are Gone (Richard Bargel/Klaus Mages) 4:16
  11. It's Talk Time, Mama (Richard Bargel/Klaus Mages) 4:32
  12. Big Fat Funky Cat (Richard Bargel/Klaus Mages) 3:31
  13. Big City, Killin' Floor (Richard Bargel/Klaus Mages) 3:08
  14. Yellow Moon (Richard Bargel/Klaus Mages) 3:40

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