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Nuno Mindelis
Twelve Hours

catalog-no. tx 1054
blues - 2004


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  • You Better Believe It (Paul Orta) 4:10
  • Stormy Minded Man (Nuno Mindelis) 4:20
  • Shake It (Paul Orta) 5:20
  • I Got You Baby (Nuno Mindelis) 4:33
  • Dizzy Slow Blues (Nuno Mindelis) 6:05
  • Rats & Leeches (Nuno Mindelis) 4:30
  • Crawling Back (Nuno Mindelis)5:05
  • Danaís Song (Nuno Mindelis) 6:18
  • I Canít Quit Singing the Blues (Nuno Mindelis) 5:58
  • Twelve Hours (Nuno Mindelis) 5:37
  • Chica & Sarah Loops (Nuno Mindelis) 1:22

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    Nuno Mindelis

    "The Beast" is back. And its claws are just as sharp as ever. Brazilian bluesman Nuno Mindelis from Sao Paulo is presenting his third effort TWELVE HOURS. It's simply a musical feast for all bluesrock lovers who like their music with a heavy dose of adrenalin. Again, Mindelis has fashioned a couple of in-your-face gems. An hour of first-class electric blues and bluesrock with some nice R & B touches thrown in for good measure. Classic stuff!

    Nuno Mindelis did not work with Double Trouble this time, but the Texas influence is still evident. You can hear his heroes' influences as well: Albert King, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan. The man just knows that this kind of music doesn't work without some kind of traditional framework. Recorded and produced in his native Brazil, the album serves as a fitting reminder that there's more to Brazil than just beaches and samba. Everyday life for the people on the streets of Sao Paulo is marked by the blues experience, so Mindelis just taps into this reality with his music.

    Nuno Mindelis presents mainly original material on this new collection and he provides a musical credo in his passionate "Can't Quit Singing The Blues": "There's something about this music / No one can explain / You try your best to forget it / There it comes again - I've been trying but I can't quit singing the blues" . To every blues lover this must be a familiar emotional terrain - no comment necessary. TWELVE HOURS is a smorgasbord of musical riches for every 12 bar electric blues lover and there's not a bum note to be heard from start to finish. This is simply great stuff.


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