Billy C Farlow & Bleu Jackson
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Billy C. Farlow & Bleu Jackson
Good Whiskey

catalog-no. tx 1058
blues - 2004


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  • Poison Love (Bleu Jackson/Fred James) 4:05
  • Go Get Your Monkey (Billy C Farlow) 4:16
  • Hard Place to Be (Bleu Jackson) 4:21
  • Good Whiskey (Billy C Farlow) 3:52
  • What Have I Done (Billy C Farlow) 4:22
  • Move It (Bleu Jackson) 3:35
  • Alabama (Billy C Farlow) 4:07
  • Shady Muscadine (Billy C Farlow/Dave Gallaher) 2:51
  • Flood in Misippi (Bleu Jackson/Fred James) 7:41
  • No More Time in the World (Bleu Jackson) 5:08
  • Lions in the Jungle (Billy C Farlow) 4:35
  • Indevilment (Bleu Jackson) 4:35
  • Down at the Levee (Bleu Jackson) 4:10
  • Set ‘Em Up (Billy C Farlow) 3:27
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    Billy C. Farlow & Bleu Jackson

    "I gotta keep it movin' baby, gotta move it on up the line"

    Very much unlike Jake and Elwood, Billy C. Farlow & Bleu Jackson are not on a "mission from God" when it comes to playing their kind of blues. They seem to be confronted with whiskey bottles and foxy women instead. The late John Lee Hooker made a point by frequently singing about "Whiskey and Women" in his lifetime, Farlow & Jackson have a special talent for doing the same. But they do it in their own sweet way - without frills.

    But that is not all. Farlow & Jackson are from the South after all. Their Southern musical roots are multi-faceted and not limited to just twelve-bar-stylings. This second duo effort for Taxim tells the story: "Good Whiskey"presents fourteen new originals by the duo, ranging from deep Delta blues ("Flood in Mississippi") to heavy R & B ("Good Whiskey") and all points in between. Recorded in Nashville with multi-instrumentalist and producer Fred James, "Good Whiskey" picks up some musical threats from its 1995 predecessor "Blue Highway", a highlight in Taxim's blues catalog. That record stood as a landmark effort for Farlow & Jackson in terms of authenticity and craft. This new one continues their musical journey in a more electric manner. It's consistingly good, in fact, features a dense atmosphere that harks back to all kinds of Southern musical traditions, mainly the blues and R & B. And it's great fun, too. As a matter of fact, these guys have their tongues firmly in their cheeks and you can almost see the twinkling in their eyes when they deliver another rough tale of good times, bad times and hard living.

    Harmonica player, singer and guitarist Billy C Farlow is a true original with a quite illustrious past. Raised in Alabama, Indiana and Texas, Southern R & B was his first love. Billy C got drawn into the blues world early and started writing songs as a teenager. When his family moved to greater Detroit in the early Sixties, there was no stopping him anymore. The blues revival was in full swing and Farlow had the chance to mingle with some legends in the city's coffeehouses and clubs, amongst them John Lee Hooker, Sippie Wallace and Big Joe Williams.

    1966 saw the formation of Farlow's first proper band: Billy C & The Sunshine. They went on to become one of Michigan's most respected bands and frequently met with all kinds of local heroes, including the MC 5 and Mitch Ryder's Detroit Wheels. Legendary blues drummer Sam Lay became a close friend and acquaintance of Billy's and it was Sam who helped him becoming a member of the James Cotton Blues Band, replacing Little Walter who had passed away shortly beforehand.

    In the late Sixties Billy C Farlow met with piano player George Frayne aka Commander Cody. The guys in George's band Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen were passionate fans of oldtime country music, Western swing and classic rock'n'roll and their humorous brand of roots music was a hit on Michigan's live music circuit. The sound was right up Billy C's alley and he joined the band. When they relocated to California, becoming a part of the booming West Coast scene, they hit the big time. Their song "Hot Rod Lincoln" made the Top Ten of the national pop charts. Many gigs with all the great Bay Area bands of the time followed. And it was Billy C Farlow who wrote the band's famous theme song "Lost In the Ozone". In the mid-Seventies the Airmen folded and Farlow went back down South some years later. He started a solo career, recording five albums filled with blues and rockabilly sounds. He also reunited with old friend Sam Lay and his band for touring and recording. To this day, Billy C Farlow is constantly on the road - nationally and internationally - playing his special brand of blues and R & B. But he's also busy writing his autobiography: "Too Much Fun: A Life of Music and Mayhem." Feel free to check out some excerpts on his website ( and get sucked into a life that has surely lived up to this title...

    Born and raised in Eastern Tennessee, singer/songwriter/guitar-player Bleu Jackson is a Southerner through and through. His classic 1993 Taxim solo debut "Gone This Time" featured the man at his rocking best. Bleu Jackson always likes to keep things simple and direct, dry and heavy, funky and dirty - like Little Feat in their heydays. In his long career he has kept his music as honest as possible, and Bleu Jackson never liked to get too far away from the local scene in Johnson City, Tennessee. He is also prominently featured on Taxim's renowned "Good Whiskey Blues" albums. He's a great storyteller ("Flood In Mississippi"), a tough guy with a knack for double entendres and a fine tunesmith and lyricist ("Poison Love").

    GOOD WHISKEY - the term alludes to the fact that eventually a shot or two of the stuff causes more than just a good time. Farlow & Jackson have a sort of devil-may-care attitude when it comes to making choices in life. There's no time for being depressed, life's too short and there's just one life to be lived on this planet. Consequently, a good time is guaranteed on this album. Billy C Farlow & Bleu Jackson are playing a bunch of new tunes - down'n'dirty Southern blues and R & B with a big heart.

    More music by Billy C. Farlow & Bleu Jackson...

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