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Bugs Henderson &
The Shuffle Kings

Stormy Love

catalog-no. tx 1059
blues - 2004


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  • Stormy Love (Bugs Henderson) 5:35
  • Hold the Line (Bugs Henderson) 4:06
  • Shining Again (Bugs Henderson) 5:10
  • Maid of Sugar - Maid of Spice (Henderson/Weiss) 4:25
  • The Vent (Bugs Henderson) 3:59
  • Tom’s Trip to Texas (Bugs Henderson) 5:40
  • Woman on Fire (Bugs Henderson) 4:43
  • (The Whole World) Sighs (Bugs Henderson) 4:31
  • The Vent - Refried (Bugs Henderson) 3:36
  • The Train Song (Lover’s Prayer) (Bugs Henderson) 5:15
  • Wish I Could Write Like Billy Joe feat. Billy Joe Shaver (Bugs Henderson) 4:03
  • Shadow of the Rose (Bugs Henderson) 5:42
  • Audio Liner Notes (Bugs Henderson) 9:35

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    Bugs Henderson

    The cast has been extended for STORMY LOVE. Besides some of the usual suspects, Henderson was able to welcome a dear old friend again, drummer Linda Waring a former bandmate of Henderson's with Nitzinger. She may not be young anymore, but she's certainly performing on the Henderson wavelength. The extension of the band has made for an enriched sound different from the usual trio line-up. You get to hear the timeless sound of a Hammond B-3, even some acoustic guitars and harmony vocals have found a place in the mix on this one.

    So what has happened? Basically speaking, some of the ups and downs from Bugs Henderson's private and family life have found their way into the music. This is probably the most personal batch of songs he's ever put together. It includes the celebration of a magical new love ("Stormy Love"), becoming a father again at a late stage of his life ("Sighs") and some valuable advice for a couple of sons who've run into trouble ("Hold the Line"). Next to the more personal stuff, there's also a couple of story songs from Texas ("Tom's Trip to Texas"), a new collaboration with old pal Billy Joe Shaver ("Why Can't I Write Like Billy Joe?") plus a couple of love songs with an emotional palette ranging from fierce fury ("The Vent") to true passion ("Shadow of the Rose"). Rounding up things is a new version of an old tune by Texas punk legends Mouse & The Traps ("Maid of Sugar - Maid of Spice").

    The music to be heard on STORMY LOVE features a wide spectrum of styles. Henderson's trademark Texas grooves and shuffles are counterbalanced by touches of country and gospel, and yes, there are even some deep ballads thrown into the mix. STORMY LOVE is Henderson's most versatile record so far, with the "roots" component of his sound coming into the foreground more than they have ever been. But despite all the sophistication that went into the making of STORMY LOVE, everything is still fuelled by a raw Texas kind of blues spirit that's pure Bugs Henderson. Not to be mistaken for anyone else.

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