Greg Douglass

catalog-no. tx 2007
rock - 1993

track listing

Solo debut of a veteran Bay Area artist, formerly with the Steve Miller Band, Greg Kihn and Terry & The Pirates. Acoustic blues standards mix with inspired solo pieces for acoustic guitar in intimate solo/duo settings; w/ Norton Buffalo, Steve Douglass, Nick Gravenites, Doug Harman, Peter Rowan ...

“ A sterling effort and deserving of a large audience.“


track listing

  1. Police Dog Blues (Blind Blake/Arr. Greg Douglass) 4:23
  2. Maelstrom (Greg Douglass) 4:45
  3. Breather (Greg Douglass) 1:51
  4. Drugs & Alcohol (Nick Gravenites) 5:02
  5. Bad Talkin' Blues Man (Nick Gravenites) 3:05
  6. The Irish Tune (Greg Douglass) 3:39
  7. Recovery Rag (Greg Douglass) 1:43
  8. Parchman Farm (Mose Allison) 3:41
  9. Wailing Wall (Greg Douglass) 3:19
  10. Poor Boy (Trad./Arr. Greg Douglass) 5:32
  11. Can't Be Satisfied (McKinley Morganfield) 3:38
  12. Shelly's Song (Greg Douglass) 3:27

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