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Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis

catalog-no. tx 2008
rock - 1995


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  • Beyond the Storm (Peter Lewis) 3:56
  • I Got the Night (Peter Lewis) 4:17
  • Black Moon (Peter Lewis) 3:47
  • Little Dreamer (Peter Lewis) 4:02
  • Milk and Honey (Peter Lewis) 4:12
  • Sittin' by the Window (Peter Lewis) 3:44
  • Pictures of the Past (Peter Lewis) 3:28
  • Changing (Peter Lewis) 4:40
  • Fate Full of Shadow (Peter Lewis) 3:58
  • In Between the Lines (Peter Lewis) 4:51
  • If Life Was Just a Game (Peter Lewis) 6:08
  • Changing (Reprise) (Peter Lewis) 3:06
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    Peter Lewis

    Solo debut by the founding member of Moby Grape. Many years later, Peter Lewis finally keeps the promise he gave with his former band way back. Produced by John McFee (Doobie Brothers, Clover, Southern Pacific) it features veteran players like Keith Knudsen, Stu Cook, Randy Meisner and John York. A beautiful 28-page-booklet contains color reproductions of Peter Lewis' paintings.

    “In 1967 the great, ill-fated Moby Grape made one of the truly perfect debut albums in rock. 28 years later...Lewis turns up with an equally exquisite solo in luminous vocal harmonies and sweet folk-rock lyricism.“

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