Jr. Gone Wild
Pull the Goalie

catalog-no. tx 2011
rock - 1992

track listing

The Edmonton band‘s third album features more roots-rock with a country and cowpunk touch. Some more contemporary musical relatives: Uncle Tupelo, Gear Daddies, Beat Farmers, Jayhawks. A longtime topper of the Canadian indie charts.

“The band rocks out in a carefree manner and has huge amounts of enthusiasm to offer.“
INTRO/Music Magazine


track listing

  1. What's Going On (M. McDonald) 4:08
  2. God Is Not My Father (M. McDonald) 3:46
  3. Rhythm of the Rain (M. McDonald) 4:28
  4. Try Again (D. M. Brown/M. McDonald) 04:12
  5. Rubbing My Knees (M. McDonald) 2:51
  6. Just the Other Day (M. McDonald) 4:09
  7. What a Great Day (M. McDonald) 5:12
  8. Where the Hell Are You? (M. McDonald) 3:25
  9. 1000 Miles to Go (M. McDonald/C. Smith) 2:52
  10. Annie Get Your Gun (D. M. Brown) 2:33
  11. Bandage My Chin (C. Smith) 4:02
  12. Beat Me to the Door (M. McDonald) 2:51
  13. March into Jerusalem (D. M. Brown) 3:11

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