Jr. Gone Wild
Too Dumb to Quit

catalog-no. tx 2017
rock - 1990

track listing

The record that led to Jr. Gone Wild's breakthrough in their native Canada. It also set the tone for the special mix of guitar-rock, cowpunk and 70s country-rock which qualified them as natural successors to their formative influences Gram Parsons, Flying Burrito Brothers and Buffalo Springfield.

“Music for a highway ride.“


track listing

  1. I Don't Know About All That (M. McDonald) 3:02
  2. In Contempt of Me (M. McDonald) 2:19
  3. Don't Let Her Know (M. McDonald) 2:28
  4. Third Most Stupidest Guy (M. McDonald) 3:46
  5. Obituary for a Fugitive (M. McDonald) 3:46
  6. The Bachelor Suite (M. McDonald) 4:05
  7. Poet's Highway (M. McDonald) 4:12
  8. Tin Can (M. McDonald) 5:04
  9. Akit's Hill (Steve Loree) 2:46
  10. The Cliché Song (M. McDonald) 2:14
  11. Radio Sussy (Ed Dobek) 3:10
  12. Sleep With a Stranger (D. M. Brown) 3:04
  13. Faust (Ed Dobek) 2:18
  14. I Don't Need That Anymore (M. McDonald) 5:30

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