Jr. Gone Wild
Simple Little Wish

catalog-no. tx 2023
rock - 1995

track listing

The band's return after a three-year break. This time Mike McDonald has mainly focused on turning an intensely problematic personal life into equally intense music. A combination of personally and socially relevant song content which is marked by a clear-eyed and unsentimental attitude.

“Simple Little Wish' will make the sceptics cry in their beers. JR's done it again.“

“Rock'n'roll firmly grounded in the American folk and country traditions and a logical continuation of bands like the Buffalo Springfield and the Flying Burrito Brothers.“


track listing

  1. Downtime (M. McDonald) 4:20
  2. I'm So Glad (M. McDonald) 3:00
  3. Raisins (F. Pier) 04:29
  4. The Guy Who Came In from the Cold (M. McDonald) 4:39
  5. Apres Vous (M. McDonald) 4:03
  6. Rain or Shine (S. Loree) 2:57
  7. All Talk (M. McDonald) 4:13
  8. Don't Forget About Me (D. M. Brown) 2:49
  9. Beautiful Barfly (M. McDonald) 4:16
  10. Simple Little Wish (M. McDonald) 3:52
  11. Dropping Like Flies (M. McDonald) 2:29
  12. Juliette (M. McDonald) 3:35
  13. Shoes (M. McDonald) 4:11
  14. Airtight (M. McDonald) 8:03

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