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Chris Darrow
Coyote / Straight from
the Heart

catalog-no. tx 2028
rock - 1997


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cd 1 - COYOTE

  • Prelude: A Distant Call (Darrow/York) 4:31
  • Lone Yucca (Darrow/York/Beardsley) 5:08
  • The Snake Sheds Its Skin (Darrow/York/Beardsley) 4:22
  • Obsidian Trail (Darrow/Waller) 4:27
  • Spirit of the Sage (Darrow) 2:57
  • Chaparral Sunset (Darrow) 5:15
  • Serrano Breeze (Darrow) 5:34
  • Iron Horse (The Last Brave) (Darrow/Reckards) 5:38


  • Straight from the Heart (Darrow/Cunningham) 3:50
  • You're Inside of Me (Darrow) 2:22
  • Hungry and Wild (Darrow/McPhetridge 3:34
  • Any Old Port in the Storm (Darrow/Mardon) 3:43
  • Straight from the Heart (Darrow) 4:25
  • Someone's been Foolin' with My Baby (Darrow) 4:19
  • Easy Street (Darrow/McPhetridge/Mardon) 4:59
  • Can't Outplay the Blues (Darrow) 2:13
  • Eye of the Storm (Darrow/Buda/Mardon) 4:19
  • Nothin' Left to Say (Darrow) 4:08
  • Bye Bye Baby (Ed Wells) 2:31
  • Living in a Prayer (Darrow) 4:04
  • Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk (Darrow) 2:52
  • Lookin' For Daddy (Darrow/McPhetridge) 4:19
  • Push and Pull (Darrow/McPhetridge) 3:48
  • Neon Sin (Darrow) 3:56
  • Hard on the Trail (Darrow) 2:55
  • Straight Down the Line (Darrow/McPhetridge) 3:44
  • Beautiful Trail (Darrow/McPhetridge) 4:33
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    Coyote / Straight to the Heart

    Chris Darrow's return as a recording artist in his own right. A remarkable double-album and testimony to Chris' immense musical skills and artistic vision. Two intimate concept albums paint a mythic picture of California's Inland Empire region (in the purely instrumental “Coyote“ suite) and present a very personal emotional landscape of a period marked by intense personal change (“Straight From The Heart“). Recorded at Chris' Claremont home studio with a small circle of friends and allies, this exclusive TAXIM release features spectacular artwork and comes in a double fold-out digipak.

    “...they (the songs) lean upon nowadays radio hectic, show what it means to play music, if there is no electronic involved. And that simply feels good.“

    See also: Chris Darrow

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