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Taylor Barton

catalog-no. tx 2037
rock - 1998


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  • Alice (Taylor Barton) 04:58
  • Down in the Water (Willie Nile/F. Lee) 03:27
  • One Man Down (Taylor Barton) 03:45
  • Lost Lucy (Taylor Barton) 04:35
  • Move Me (Taylor Barton) 02:57
  • The Calling (Taylor Barton/GE Smith) 04:16
  • Ice (Taylor Barton) 03:18
  • Thoroughbred (Taylor Barton) 03:01
  • Forgotten Songs (Taylor Barton/GE Smith) 04:08
  • Little Trina (Taylor Barton) 03:58
  • Statue With Scars (Taylor Barton) 04:54

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    This CD establishes ASCAP award winner, singer-songwriter Taylor Barton (formerly of New York's cult band Generic Blondes) as a powerful songwriter. She writes lush, poetic lyrics, delivered by a voice like velvet, which makes the songs highly accessible. She covers songs by Willie Nile and George E. Smith with a sexy confidence and intimacy that makes you want to climb in and take shelter. Produced and arranged by guitar virtuoso G.E. Smith, "Thoroughbred" is brilliantly conceived and an absolute gem!
    Barton, a native of Maryland, came to New York by way of Paris, Los Angeles, and elsewhere. A life in the arts came naturally to her, whether the medium be poetry, dance, song, or spoken word from the stage. During an appearance on "Saturday Night Live" she met the show's music director, G.E. Smith, who would become her husband, producer and arranger.
    "Thoroughbred", produced by G.E. Smith, features some of New York City's finest musicians: Andy York (John Mellencamp), Steve Holley (Paul McCartney, Waterboys), Paul Ossola ("Saturday Night Live", Generic Blondes), Tom Cosgrove (Todd Rundgren, Al Kooper), Shawn Pelton (Shawn Colvin, Generic Blondes), Paul Griffin (Steely Dan, Eric Andersen, Tom Rush), Christine Ohlman (Generic Blondes), Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan, Steve Forbert, k.d. Lang), and of course George E. Smith (Buddy Guy, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, ...) Taylor Barton's first album with Generic Blondes was a gem of buoyant pop with rootsy rhythm and blues flavors. "Thoroughbred" continues in that direction but adds plenty of drive and intensity, almost as if she has processed the raw passion of rock and alternative rock and has blended it seamlessly into her own smart pop.
    She also wrote the award-winning one-act play "The Eric Clapton Breakfast Club" in 1997.

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