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John York
Claremont Dragon

catalog-no. tx 2038
rock - 1999


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  • On Whose Door (John York) 5:13
  • Rubiah (John York) 5:38
  • Another Life (John York) 3:56
  • No More War (John York) 6:10
  • Heartache Suzanne (John York/Nicky Hopkins) 5:18
  • Jennifer Tsai (John York) 7:09
  • Target Of A Thousand Arrows (John York) 5:12
  • Money Like Rain (John York) 6:57
  • Daddy's Gonna Pick Her Man (John York) 5:45
  • Oh My Children (John York) 4:51
  • Half-Breeds Are The Hope Of The World (John York) 5:50
  • My Lai (John York) 05:30
  • Spirit is Stronger Than Anything (John York) 6:58

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    Claremont Dragon

    "The dragon is an age-old symbol of the highest spiritual essence, embodying wisdom, strength and the divine power of transformation."

    JOHN YORK– a name that triggers memories for music buffs because of his stint in one of the greatest and most influential bands of rock history, THE BYRDS. Far from being just a footnote in music history, John is still active today and is highly respected as a major force in the local music scene of Claremont, California. With CLAREMONT DRAGON, Taxim Records is very pleased to exclusively present his first ever solo album. Finally there is aural proof of this man's genius – a record long overdue and a landmark in a long creative career.

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