Elizabeth Lee

catalog-no. tx 2041
rock - 1998

track listing

Backseat Driver (61K)
Try a Little Harder (69K)
When Will It Come to Me (75K)

Southern vocal powerhouse Elizabeth Lee has found her musical nitch in what she describes as "funky roots-rock with a New Orleans thang". Her soulful, whiskey voice gives an edge to the dynamic performance and the more dainty, young girl look of the 34 year old singer.
Hailing from Houston, Texas, Elizabeth who counts legendary confederate general Robert Edward Lee to her ancestors, grew up with an earful of Texas rock, Louisiana rhythm and blues, and Southern Baptist gospel music. At the age of ten, she was singing in the local church choir and by fifteen she began writing her own songs. With the music of the Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, Little Feat and Bonnie Raitt in her heart, she traded her cowboy boots for Beatle boots, moved to New York City, put a band together, and cut her first CD in 1992, "Texas Bound". You can lead a horse to water ... Back in Texas, she moved to music capital Austin in 1993. With the help of the local blues band, Johnny Reverb, and a new album, "Try A Little Harder", in the luggage, Elizabeth took her music to Europe in 1994. The tour was to become a huge success. For the last four years she has continued to tour there regularly to packed houses while receiving accolades from the European press.
In 1997, Lee and her husband, renowned Nashville guitarist and producer Larry Chaney, began work on the new album, "Milagro" ("Miracle" in English), which developed into a big bluesy, funky, groovin' mess. From the get-go, Lee's downright muscular voice and soul-statement phrasing infuse every song with a rare urgency. Her settings, built largely by Chaney, range from moody to meditative to maniacally funky. The supporting cast is made up of Nashville's roots-rock session elite: Mickey Grimm, Byron House, Quentin Ware, Tracy Nelson a.o.
"Milagro" is not a CD for sitting still and fans of vocal trademarks like Sass Jordan, Lou Ann Barton, Tina Turner or Janis Joplin will have to accept that here is another strong bouncing singer that can funk, rock, jazz and tuck you to bed, exhausted and giddy.


track listing

  1. Backseat Driver (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney) 04:30
  2. Try A Little Harder (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney) 05:01
  3. When Will It Come To Me (Elizabeth Lee/David Santos) 03:32
  4. Miracle (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney) 05:13
  5. You Oughta Know Them (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney) 04:02
  6. Better Than the Last Time (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney) 04:31
  7. Dont Mind If I Do (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney) 04:07
  8. Clear Picture (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney) 05:20
  9. Moving Pictures (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney/Fritz Hayden) 04:17
  10. These Kids Today (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney) 05:16
  11. Earlybird Cafe (Lane Tietgen) 04:28

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