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Schluff Jull
Circlin' Round a Sun

catalog-no. tx 2044
rock - 1998


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  • Heart & Soul (Olaf Kalemba) 5:50
  • Driftin' Apart (Olaf Kalemba) 5:23
  • The Well (Olaf Kalemba) 8:11
  • Castle on the Hill (Olaf Kalemba) 6:33
  • Circlin' Round a Sun (Olaf Kalemba) 5:27
  • It's All Gone (Olaf Kalemba) 4:18
  • Waiting (Olaf Kalemba) 7:25
  • Between Green and Blue (Olaf Kalemba) 11:50
  • Magnolia (Olaf Kalemba) 2:53

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    Circlin' Round a Sun

    Considered by many as one of the major creative forces on the Grateful Dead and Phish related rock scene in Europe, German's 12-piece groove rock bigband Schluff Jull is setting a new standard with their second album, "Circlin' Round a Sun".
    Hailing from Viersen near the Dutch border, Schluff Jull has an ouvert international feel that draws heavily on jam rock, psychedelia, r & b, and southern rock. The British Deadheads community and the well respected Relix magazine even compared them in parts to Van Morrison and the Allman Brothers, although spokesman and lead guitarist Olaf Kalemba sees the band's congeniality more in a direction of Blues Traveler, Wet Willie and Widespread Panic. The band has a wide musical well that it draws from and their sound is filled with intriguing twin guitar works chumped up and masterly supported by the fills of a five-piece horn section.
    An exciting musical adventure.

    See also: Schluff Jull's Homepage

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