Wild Seeds
Brave, Clean + Reverent

desert island classics
desert island classics #2
catalog-no. tx 2045
rock - 1999

track listing
Sharlene (61K)
Big Mimosa Sky (79K)
Pure Heart (80K)

BRAVE, CLEAN & REVERENT is the nucleus of the band's legacy and has defended its place among the all-time greatest post-punk/powerpop records of the eighties. Get ready to rediscover a classic rock and roll gem from Austin.

the desert island classics story #2


track listing

  1. Sharlene (Michael Hall/Steve Chaney) 4'33
  2. Big Mimosa Sky (Michael Hall/Paul Cullum) 2'46
  3. A Girl Can Tell (Michael Hall) 3'18
  4. Hurricane Girls (Michael Hall/Bo Solomon/Joey Shuffield/Steve McCracken) 2'09
  5. When The Fever Breaks (Michael Hall) 2'57
  6. Pure Heart (Michael Hall) 3'35
  7. I Work Hard (Michael Hall) 3'36
  8. Heaven Bound (Michael Hall) 5'32
  9. Love Will Make You Weak (Michael Hall) 3'42
  10. Big Moon (Michael Hall/Bo Solomon) 3'12
  11. Shake This World (Michael Hall) 4'26
    Bonus Track:
  12. Debbie Came Back (Michael Hall) 2'32

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