Kevin Brown
Time Marches On

desert island classics
desert island classics #3
catalog-no. tx 2047
rock - 1999

track listing
Trouble Ahead (67K)
It Is All For Nothing (79K)
You're The One (62K)

"TIME MARCHES ON" is a brilliant roots/pop album combining elements from blues, country rock, pop and reggae, featuring a playfulness, groove and production that reminds of Ry Cooder's legendary "Bop 'Til You Drop” period – satisfaction guaranteed!

the desert island classics story #3


track listing

  1. Trouble Ahead (Kevin Brown/Roger Cook) 3'54
  2. Is It All For Nothing (Kevin Brown) 5'20
  3. Dallas (Kevin Brown/Alvin Lee) 3'17
  4. One of Those Nights (Kevin Brown/Roger Cook) 3'11
  5. Two Sides to Every Story (Kevin Brown) 4'22
  6. Down on Sixth Street (Kevin Brown) 3'52
  7. You Can Do That (Kevin Brown/Phil Crowther) 3'55
  8. Hard Working Man (Kevin Brown) 4'27
  9. Only Just a Matter of Time* (Kevin Brown/Alvin Lee) 3'53
  10. Strong Heart (Kevin Brown/Phil Crowther) 3'55
  11. You're the One (Kevin Brown) 6'09

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