Chris Darrow
A Southern California Drive

desert island classics
desert island classics #7

catalog-no. tx 2055
rock - 2000

A Southern California Drive (72K)
The Power of Love (95K)
I Saw You (68K)

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TAXIM's Desert Island Classics series was made for records like A SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DRIVE Chris Darrow's pop masterwork from 1980. This neglected album stands as a sort of testimony of Darrow's "beach years" and features a Westcoast pop sound that sounds just as fresh today as it did 20 years ago.

This is Southern California pop to make you feel good. It features mostly breezy and uptempo tunes made and recorded in a spirit of friendship and togetherness. Another proof that the joy of making music with a close-knit group of friends has always been a Darrow speciality. Besides the usual multi-instrumental talents of the man himself, this record features a bunch of old pals: ex-Hot Band guitar wizard Frank Reckard (electric guitar), Jerry Waller (piano), Micky McGee (drums),the late Ed Black (guitar), Max Buda (harp, keyboards), and Chris' sister Elizabeth Darrow on vocals.

the desert island classic story #7


track listing

  1. A Southern California Drive (Chris Darrow/Jerry Waller) 2:47
  2. Small Plane in a Big Sky (Fritz Fuller) 2:16
  3. The Power of Love (Chris Darrow) 3:05
  4. My Baby's Eyes (Chris Darrow) 2:58
  5. I Saw You (Elizabeth Darrow/David Jones) 2:28
  6. Paradise for a Fool (Chris Darrow) 2:59
  7. Don't You Lie to Me (Chris Darrow) 2:25
  8. Fly Away (Robb Strandlund) 2:53
  9. Stateline (Earl Shackelford) 3:35
  10. We Two (Chuck Berry) 2:13

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