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Elizabeth Lee
You Got That Right

catalog-no. tx 2066
rock - 2002


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  • Coffee Songs (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney) 6:12
  • Somethin's Gotta Give (Beth Hall) 5:04
  • River's Invitation (Percy Mayfield) 5:06
  • You Slay Me (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney/Cathy Goodman) 3:49
  • Never Meant To (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney) 3:52
  • Start It Up (Robben Ford) 3:52
  • Get Ready (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney/Jim Matthews) 4.24
  • Shaky Ground/After Midnight (Bowen/Boyd/Hazel - J.J. Cale) 7:25
  • You Got That Right (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney) 3:54
  • Methadon Man (Elizabeth Lee/Larry Chaney) 4:38
  • My, My, My (Lane Tietgen) 5:41

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    You Got That Right

    "You Got That Right!" - for an old school rockfan the expression probably triggers memories of the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd tune. And as fitting as that may be, to a degree, Elizabeth Lee is a lady from Texas - and that's usually cause for a bit of a difference in terms of attitude. And so it's not a black and white situation with this fantastic singer and songwriter. Elizabeth Lee may be a Southern lady - but her music is not categorized that easy.

    The main thing that seems to be clear from the very beginning is the awesome R'n'B power of Ms. Lee's voice. She likes to be intense and loud - thank God. 'Loud' in her case means three things at the same time: a down to earth rock and roll attitude, lots of musical swagger, and the excitement of dynamite performances. Elizabeth Lee never tries to hide her big Texas heart, no matter if she tackles rock, Southern soul, R'n'B or straight blues. She's just like her hometown Houston - not subdued but full of energy. Oh - and she's quite hot and funky, too... There's many elements adding to the mix. YOU GOT THAT RIGHT presents them all.

    "Funky roots rock with a New Orleans thang" is the expression Elizabeth Lee likes to use to describe her music and it's a right-on-the-money expression. Listening to how she passionately mixes her vocal influences - from Janis Joplin, Jan James and Lou Ann Barton to Sass Jordan and Bonnie Raitt - to create an original kind of Southern music, is a fascinating thing to witness. There's a great variety of styles to be found - from classic rock in the Rolling Stones vein ("You Slay Me") to experimental Southern blues rock ("Coffee Song") and fine Southern soul balladry ("Get Ready"). Especially in the latter genre, Elizabeth Lee is an expert on double entendres or: the art of how to be sexy without being vulgar. YOU GOT THAT RIGHT presents classic tunes with many interesting and original genre variations.

    And that's one of the main reasons why YOU GOT THAT RIGHT always sounds fresh and compelling. Just listen to Ms. Lee's medley of two stand-out white R'n'B classics, Delbert McClinton's "Shaky Ground" and J.J.Cale's "After Midnight". They definitely confirm her original musical outlook. No matter if she chooses to cover a blues ballad by Percy Mayfield ("River's Invitation") or a sexy rock tune by Robben Ford ("Start It Up"), Elizabeth Lee always sounds passionately intense. But there are lots of original songs, too. Most of the arrangements and tasteful sound experiments come courtesy of guitar-player and songwriter Larry Chaney. He's one of those top guys that never looked for the spotlight, despite "big name" stints with Steve Winwood, Jefferson Starship and most recently, Edwin McCain!

    Funk - rock - r'n'b - blues. YOU GOT THAT RIGHT by Elizabeth Lee is definitely a record for more than just one occasion. You will surely love it to death.

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