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Have You Written Home

catalog-no. tx 2072
country/folk - 2003


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  • Winding Through Our Lives (Juergen Boeke) 3:15
  • Sing Me Back Home (Merle Haggard)3:33
  • Confusion (Juergen Boeke) 3:30
  • He Stopped Loving Her Today (R.V. Braddock/C. Putman Jr.) 4:25
  • Pebble in Your Shoe (Stefan Scholz) 5:47
  • What to Do (Juergen Boeke) 3:19
  • Have You Written Home (Stefan Scholz) 3:34
  • He Made You Cry (Juergen Boeke) 2:25
  • Mary Jane (Juergen Boeke) 4:59
  • Every Time You Laugh (Stefan Scholz) 4:57
  • Might Be (Juergen Boeke) 2:06
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    BARNSTORMER are back with their third album. Following their eponymous debut album from 1995 and their first TAXIM effort SOLD this new batch of songs from the German band serves to prove how much they have grown in terms of quality and stature. BARNSTORMER are men of character and so remaining true to one's principles is a virtue and not a vice. Persistency is what makes this band tick - but that's not the only reason why HAVE YOU WRITTEN HOME is their best album yet.

    BARNSTORMER are pretty open about their influences but for the most part they stay clear of the trappings of copycat city. It's true that this is a band from Germany, but the spirit of American roots rock lives on in their sound, mainly because of the universal magic of the guitars-bass-drums concept. And it's also got to do with the fact that BARNSTORMER have turned HAVE YOU WRITTEN HOME into another piece of work that thrives on analog sounds. Digital has been kept to a minimum and the crunchy sound of tube amps and the sensual power of analog signals serves the music well. In this musical universe, emotion is still fuelled by pre-digital philosophies and the result pretty much speaks for itself. We tend to sympathize....

    HAVE YOU WRITTEN HOME again features the songs of Boeke and Scholz, their songs coming from the twilight of failed relationships, broken dreams, memories of the past, musings on the future. It's a pretty intriguing combination of darkness and light. Where the suggestive power of the melancholy meets the affecting sounds of Gibson Les Pauls and Fender Telecasters is the place where this music is happening. But it's not a self-pitying attitude that prevails, rather reflectiveness and thoughtfulness. Rock music serving as a cure for the ups and downs of the everyday. The band's original songs are embellished by two quite revealing covers: George Jones' "He Stopped Loving Her" and "Sing Me Back Home" by Merle Haggard. The eternal wisdom of country's elders seems to be alive and well.

    This record really sounds great. It features a tense but transparent sound with a wide dynamic range - from the very low to the quite loud. HAVE YOU WRITTEN HOME is just the right stuff for roots-rockers of all ages who are stressed out from the onslaught of today's pop.

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