Guthrie Thomas
The Writer

catalog-no. tx 3002
country / folk - 1990

track listing

Not many musicians working on the contemporary US folk scene personify the troubadour myth as much as this Texas-born songwriter and performer. Especially in these intimate solo recordings he succeeds in creating an atmosphere marked by warmth, intensity and depth. “Totally convincing American folk-music.“

“Totally convincing American folk-music.“

track listing

  1. Take Me Home (Guthrie Thomas) 4:15
  2. Keep On Keeping On (Guthrie Thomas) 4:03
  3. Gates of Burning Hell (Guthrie Thomas) 4:42
  4. Time for a Change (Guthrie Thomas) 3:06
  5. The Writer (Guthrie Thomas) 4:23
  6. Sweet Virginia (Guthrie Thomas) 5:22
  7. Rolling with the Morning (Guthrie Thomas) 3:27
  8. Morning Brings the Sunrise (Guthrie Thomas) 2:36
  9. Fake It (Guthrie Thomas) 2:53
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