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David West

catalog-no. tx 3003
country/folk - 1992


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  • We'll Be Ready (When You Pass This Way Again) (David West/Jim Nail) 3:32
  • Old Tom (David West/Jim Nail) 3:24
  • The Lighthouse Song (David West/Penny Nichols) 3:59
  • Bed of Coals (Jim Nail) 4:13
  • Prospect of Whitby (David West) 2:28
  • Ballad of Johnny Arcane (Jim Nail) 5:00
  • Couldn't Keep His Mind Off Georgia (Jim Nail) 4:36
  • Yacht Crash (David West) 3:08
  • Constant Like a Flame (Jim Nail) 3:29
  • Legend in His Time (David West/Cyrus Clark) 3:26
  • Long Long Way (To The Top Of The World) (Don Wayne) 3:25
  • Yosemite 1955 (Jim Nail) 2:26

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    David West

    David West is a superb multi-instrumentalist, founder of the Cache Valley Drifters, and a former member of the Kate Wolf Band, who specializes in a beautifully executed hybrid of country, folk and bluegrass. On his first solo album David West receives tons of support from many bluegrass and country stalwarts like Byron Berline, Bill Griffin, Glenn D. Hardin, Chris Hillman, Pete Madlam...

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