Guthrie Thomas
Midnight Train

catalog-no. tx 3006
country / folk - 1995

track list

After a six-year absence from the recording scene, Guthrie Thomas returned in 1995 with an album that should finally establish his name besides musically kindred spirits like Jerry Jeff Walker or John Stewart. Embedded in a band context again, the man's songs still have a captivating emotional impact.

“Classic American country/folk songwriting for small 'road movies' of great narrative richness.“


track listing

  1. Midnight Train (Guthrie Thomas) 4:16
  2. Loving You is Easy (Guthrie Thomas) 3:50
  3. Eagle Fly (Guthrie Thomas) 3:55
  4. Lucky in Love (Guthrie Thomas) 4:31
  5. Tonight I've Got Loving You on My Mind (Guthrie Thomas) 3:22
  6. Is Heaven a Lonely Place (Guthrie Thomas) 3:26
  7. Love is a Deadly Game (Guthrie Thomas) 3:11
  8. Bandit on the Run (Guthrie Thomas) 3:43
  9. You Can't Buy No Love Songs (Guthrie Thomas) 5:15
  10. Carry On (Guthrie Thomas) 3:50
  11. I Can't Begin to Tell You (Guthrie Thomas) 2:54
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