Guthrie Thomas
This One's For Sarah

catalog-no. tx 3008
country / folk - 1998

track listing

If You Got a Moment (82K)
Sweet Maria (59K)
Love is Hard to Find (62K)

Reissue of his 1978 Carmen Record release. All music was transferred from the original master tapes except tracks 2 and 6 which were taken from a vinyl source because of technical problems with the 2-track masters. All efforts were made to guarantee the best results possible. "Tennessee Picker" from the original 1978 Carmen Records release (# 4178) had to be replaced by "Love is Hard to Find" from Eagle Recordsí 1982 reissue, because the tape for that song was destroyed in a fire.


track listing

  1. If You Got a Moment (Guthrie Thomas) 03:45
  2. Sweet Maria (Guthrie Thomas) 03:40
  3. Dead Ahead (Guthrie Thomas & Bill McDonald) 03:26
  4. I've Got to Go (Guthrie Thomas) 05:26
  5. The Window (Guthrie Thomas) 05:51
  6. White Gold (Guthrie Thomas) 03:43
  7. Love is Hard to Find (Guthrie Thomas) 04:42
  8. Ginny and the Clown (Guthrie Thomas) 04:04
  9. I Can't Count the Times (Guthrie Thomas) 05:55
  10. Friends and Family (Guthrie Thomas) 05:37
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