Kevin Jones
Nobody's Father

desert island classics
desert island classics #8

catalog-no. tx 3014
folk - 2000

track listing
Ohio (84K)
Nobody's Father (88K)
Play Guitar (71K)

Every once in a while you come across albums by songwriters that transport something special in their own kind of modest way. You listen to them and the unpretentious and not at all sentimental music stays with you. Without a great deal of navel gazing but radiating an aura of integrity and strength. NOBODY'S FATHER by Kevin Jones is such an album a forgotten jewel of folk/country/songwriter art that is the latest addition to Taxim's renowned "Desert Island Classics" series.
We don't seem to know a great deal about Kevin Jones. He's currently living in Ohio, is an exquisitely talented guitar picker, singer and songwriter, who didn't seem to be interested in much else besides playing his music and singing his songs. Now it looks like NOBODY'S FATHER will remain his only claim to fame. Recorded in 1989, the album also stands as a wonderful testament to the strength of Washington DC's burgeoning singer-songwriter scene of the mid to late Eighties. But even though later on Kevin Jones could be seen and heard as an opening act for artists such as Roger McGuinn, John Sebastian, John Jackson and Delbert McClinton, he never released another album.

the desert island classic story #8


track listing

  1. Ohio (Kevin Jones) 2:38
  2. Stayin' in Jail (Proverbs 10:21) (Kevin Jones) 2:38
  3. Nobody's Father (Kevin Jones) 4:33
  4. Play Guitar (Kevin Jones) 1:43
  5. Smiles When You Said It (Kevin Jones) 2:07
  6. Walkin' (Kevin Jones) 2:20
  7. I'm Not to Blame (Kevin Jones) 3:40
  8. Second Guessing You (Kevin Jones) 3:39
  9. What About That Dream (Kevin Jones) 3:46
  10. Wild Oats Cafe (Kevin Jones) 3:49
  11. Time Time Time (Kevin Jones) 1:49
  12. Wild O Black Cherry (Kevin Jones) 2:21

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